April 8, 2005 - 'RSWW Composite'
Photoshop composite image of 4 photos , 1 each taken by:
Dr. Michael D. Reynolds, Olivier Staiger, Jennifer Winter & Victor Winter

Images:  FOUR composited images taken by FOUR photographers

Image 1:  By Olivier 'Klipsi' Staiger
- high resolution video still, taken with the video cam in photo mode
- from M/V Galapagos Legend

Image 2: Taken by Dr. Michael D. Reynolds
- Canon EOS 10D
- 1/180 sec F/6.25 500mm Williams Optics 80mm semi-apo refractor
- from M/S Paul Gauguin

Image 3:  Taken by Victor Winter
- Nikon D-100 Digital camera, 170mm lens F 4.8 1/250 second.
- from M/V Galapagos Legend

Image 4: Taken by Jen Winter
- Taken with Mamiya 645 on Fuji 120mm color neg film - ASA 800 1/500 second - F/4.5
- prime focus using Starmaster Telescopes 8" Versa series dobsonian telescope
- from M/V Galapagos Legend

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The '2005 RSWW Composite' contrast enhanced using photoshop radial blur sharpening.

Chromosphere image by Jen Winter added for inner detail.

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Eclipse composite with Venus.  This eclipse composite is to scale with accurate size and positioning of the Sun, Moon and Venus.

Note that Venus is almost FULL

Component image containing Venus by Vic Winter

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A closer examination of a nearly full Venus image taken during totality. The image contains a nearly round disk of Venus, brighter on one side; with green coloration and a dark bluish atmospheric halo around the planet.  This is because Venus was nearly at supperior conjunction - positioned opposite the sun from Earth.

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