When's the next one? - March 29, 2006 duration: about 4 min.
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4 image composites completed

April 8, 2005 - Totality at 3rd contact
Inner corona, chromosphere, prominences, spicule and photosphere

Image:  ONE frame of film self-composited using radial blur and difference extraction ONLY.
Taken on Fuji 120mm color negative film - ASA 800
1/500 second - F/4.5
using Starmaster Telescopes 8" Versa series dobsonian telescope
from the foreward deck of the M/V Galapagos Legend
Latitude: 1° 19.554' S Longitude:109° 30.190' W,
Time:  Approximately 21:15:37 UTC

Chromasphere mixes with a hedge row of Prominences
Just as the Photosphere begins to re-emerge at 3rd contact. Inner and outer corona were visible for several seconds after third contact.

Click for larger image.

The shallow total eclipse revealed the ring of red spicule prominences all around during totality.  As the sun moved away, only larger prominences were visible on one side, as the chromosphere bled between highlighted prominences to photosphere. A light halo of outer chromosphere was visible 360 degrees around the moon's limb.

Shortly after this image was taken, a second diamond ring was seen at the 3:00 position in this picture.

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Spicule prominences side-by-side with the inner most corona. Some correlation to positioning and size is visible. Prominences formed a solid hedge-rown while a distinctive concentric line appeared in the prominences.

Note: This break in the row of prominences does not seem to affect the shape of the inner corona with either smaller or larger streamers beyond.

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The chromosphere illuminated the outer ring of the prominences in the exposure. That illumination did not seem to affect a larger prominence which seems to extend past the upper regions of the chromosphere.  This larger prominence is visible even as the brighter photosphere began to emerge.

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All photos (c) Jen Winter - ICSTARS

Jen Winter also owns and operates Phoenix-Travel LLC
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