Douglas Observatory is owned and operated by the
StarGarden Foundation, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit-Corporation
Northern Lights over the Douglas Observatory.

The Charles Douglas Observatory is currently undergoing major renovations and is closed for general public nights at this time.  

• Fiber optic cable is being installed now to increase network connection and reduce lightning damage to the equipment
• The observatory is scheduled for roof replacement in June of 2008
• New gutters are in store for the glassroom (not seen here)
• The 14" Meade SCT will be moving from its current home to a new dome scheduled for construction in August, 2008. This will allow it to do the dawn and dusk comet hunting it was intended for.
• Then, a long overdue memorial will be constructed in honor of our founder, the late Vic Winter in the form of a megalithic sundial.

Special group sessions are still being held by appointment only in the classroom, with outdoor observing and using existing equipment.

The StarGarden staff will also come to your event to provide a talk on astronomy for your group on request. Please feel free to contact us about an event you would like to organize.  

All Sky Cam of Ranch right now.

The Charles Douglas Observatory is located at 149 Northwest OO Highway in Warrensburg, Missouri.

The observatory is currently scheduled for roof replacement of the main observatory warm room in June of 2008.

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