Photo of Northern Lights as seen at the Charles Douglas Memorial Observatory located northwest of Warrensburg, Missouri at 7:00pm (01:00 UT) 10/29/03. Photo (C) 2003 by Vic & Jen Winter. Nikon D100 and 16mm lens at f2.8 / 30 second exposure.

Red spikes of aurora shoot up in the northern skies shortly before 7pm. The sky was later filled with green colored aurora thats continued past 8:00pm. More aurora is expected in the Kansas City area for the next few days as solar activity has increased greatly in the past week. More than 2 X-class flares have exploded on the sun in the past few days send tremendous amounts of energy towards the Earth. Check the current solar alert status here!

16mm /30 sec. exposure at 01:30UT 10/30/03 with Big Dipper setting over the Lodge.

20mm/Nikon D-100 digital 30 sec. exposure with Big Dipper. Aurora changing from reds to mainly greens in color at 01:45UT.

8mm / Nikon D-100 digital/ f2.8 for 30 seconds. Most of the reds have disappeared by 1:50UT and replaced by huge green curtains that brightened and dimmed. All photos (C)2003 Vic & Jen Winter.

ROUND 2 - 04 hours UT - 05 hours UT 10.30.03

Red Spikes return in the northern sky. All photos shot with Nikon D-100 digital camera, 16mm lens at f2.8 and 30-60 secound exposures on the grounds of the Charles Douglas memorial Observatory northwest of Warrensburg, Missouri between 04 hours and 05 hours UT on Oct. 30, 2003. (C) 2003 Vic & Jen Winter.

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