ICSTARS Astronomy's Hydrogen Alpha Solar Observations

March 30, 2001

2001-03-30 - Photographs taken between 23:50:00 UT and 23:51:00 UT. Rotation 1974 - Location: Roeland Park, Kansas, USA. 4.75 inch refractor operating at f30 with prototype .4 angstrom prominence filter. Sky: 99% cloudy. Kodak Tech Pan 2415 film. Enhanced with Adobe Photoshop. All Photos (C)2001 by Vic & Jen Winter/ICSTARS Astronomy.

Today's highlight is the "Dad, the sun is on fire!" effect. (The thick clouds I was trying to photograph through looked like smoke according to daughter Libby - age 7) Total shooting time - less than a minute in what was the last "hole" before the sun completely vanished. The "clearest" moment occured when the sun passed near the thin edge of the thickening clouds. The layer of cloud turned the h-alpha filter into a white light filter and the biggest region in this solar cycle, 9393, (lower right) really stands out.

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